The Lakefront Residences

Why Lakeside (Jurong)?

Many locals say: “Jurong? A bird no lay egg place! ” (a localised term which means – a place that is so out of the way where birds don’t even want to fly there) 

But what Jurong is today is beyond our imagination. HDBs are transacting between 350K to 700K! What is was 10 years ago is definitely not like what it is and will be 10 years later!

In 2008, URA announced in the Master Plan to decentralise the commercial activities in the Masterplan 2008. The Jurong Lake District was highly looked upon to be the biggest  commercial hub outside of the central region.

If you are buying for investment = you need to have tenants to help you save your money right? Where will the tenants come from?

There are more than 3,000 MNCs and SMEs operating in Jurong. With the vast talent and labour pool so near to you at Tuas and Jurong Industrial Estate, what worries do you have for renting out your unit?



  • Enjoy the improvised lake with a new park and enhanced waterfront promenade
  • Spend quality time with your family by taking evening strolls around the beautiful lake and shop and dine at the new upcoming Lakeside Village
  • Rare kayaking and dragon boating for water sports lovers
  • Look forward to the upcoming world class Science Centre!
Jurong Gateway


From the map above from URA, we can see that Jurong Gateway will be well connected via Lakeside Village, which means residents can walk/ cycle/ scoot to work, saving on car/ public transport. Or even stroll to JEM, Westgate and JCube!

The Jurong Gateway will provide mixture of retail, residential, commercial, hotel, entertainment and F&B uses!

When developed in the next 10 to 15 years, Jurong Gateway will have

  • 500,000sqm of Office Space
  • 250,000sqm of Retail and F&B
  • 2,800 Hotel Rooms
  • 1,000 New Homes

Is it worth to buy now?

Many people say “Wait awhile more lah, price is coming down.” 

Question is how long are you going to wait? So all reports have been saying prices will come down, has it? Yes, prices are more stabilised now, valuations are still as high, just that sellers who are selling now do not ask sky high and unrealistic prices anymore.



” I was just bidding my time till price go slightly lower before i jump in. I am regretting that decision now.” – Property Investor

Why wait?

Why The Lakefront Residences?

It is a brand new project surrounded by many other developments. Let us all do some homework.

The Lakefront Residences recent transactions – about $1000psf for a 3 bedroom unit.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.13.02 PM




With reference to the 2nd article – launching price to be at least $1200psf for a new condo, do you consider the buy at The Lakeshore residences a safe buy? I personally feel so because for a new launch to sell at $1200psf, how much do the people need to sell there 3 years later? $1400psf? or $1500psf? So will buyers swing to your units if you sell at $1300psf?

Rental prices will differ by $100 to $300 for developments nearby to each other. So simple calculation – you bought a unit at $1000psf but you can rent it $200 cheaper than another owner who bought at $1200psf or even $1400psf. Who will have better rental yield? And who can rent out the place first? You for sure right?

Now, after doing bulk to the comparison for you, all you have to do is to pick up the smart phone lying beside you to just give me a buzz or drop me an SMS and we can have a more in depth chat at 8686 5658.

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